Free Real Estate Tools to Help Your Search

When starting your new home search, especially if moving to a new city, you will want to make as informed decision as possible. As a Realtor®, my job is help you make the most informed decision possible. Here are some tools and tricks that I use to help in your transition: Traffic Tools Austin like most cities has a really bad traffic problem. Often, how long you are willing to commute will dictate what part of town you will…

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Property Tax Appraisals Are Out. What Can You Do?

That wonderful time of year is here. Spring has sprung, the weather is beautiful, and the local apprais al district has made up a new value for your home. If you feel like the value on your home is too high, you only have until May 15th, 2018 to file a Protest. Here Are Your Options – Nothing – You are certainly within your rights to do nothing at all. Your tax appraisal will continue to climb year after year…

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required in the City of Austin Starting April 1st.

The City of Austin recently passed an ordinance requiring Carbon Monoxide detectors in all Austin homes that have a gas or fuel-burning appliance in the house or has a connected garage. Read more about it here: Some best practices from The Family Handyman. Make sure you have at least one carbon monoxide detector on each level of your home, including the basement. Locate carbon monoxide detectors near bedrooms – close enough so that they’ll wake you up if…

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Quick And Easy Things You Can Do To A Home Before Move-In

Quick and Easy Steps To Get Your House Ready

The beauty of buying a home is you get to make it your own. Sometimes I just stare at my living room or yard picturing the different things I want to do. I think it is important when you buy a new home to make a list of all the things you would like to change. Some will be expensive, others will be cheap. Some difficult, some easy. Before moving in, some things are easier to do while the…

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Winter Weather Safety Tips

Hose bibs can freeze in winter.

With some icy weather on the horizon, I wanted to pass along some tips to help protect you and your home. Things to do around the house: Wrap outside pipes: An ounce of prevention in this case will only cost you $1.18. In a hard freeze, outside pipes can freeze, expand, and break. Wrap outside pipes in Pipe Wrap Insulation and you shouldn’t have any problems. Rarely in Austin does the power go out during a winter storm but if it does…

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