Quick And Easy Things You Can Do To A Home Before Move-In

The beauty of buying a home is you get to make it your own. Sometimes I just stare at my living room or yard picturing the different things I want to do. I think it is important when you buy a new home to make a list of all the things you would like to change. Some will be expensive, others will be cheap. Some difficult, some easy. Before moving in, some things are easier to do while the home is empty. Here is a list of quick and easy things you can do to your home while it is empty.

Refinish Hardwood Floors: If you have hardwood floors, it is much easier to refinish them prior to move in. This will keep you from having to move everything twice and make the home yours from day one.

Interior Paint: New paint on the interior of the home will remove any trace of the previous owners plus painting an empty home will greatly speed up the process. The ceilings especially are easy to do while the home is empty and will make a big difference in appearance.

Wall Switch Plates: Homes for many years came with off white switch plates throughout or even newer homes will have dirty switch plates. Swapping out the switch plates is very easy to do and very cost effective.

Thorough/Deep Cleaning: Many times a home has been cleaned by the previous owner but not a deep clean. Take the time before you start moving in furniture to clean all the cracks and groove, ceiling fans, and A/C vents. This will make a huge difference in your home.

Shower Heads: Older homes often have the shower head at 6 feet. Buying an inexpensive replacement shower head with an vertical extension will transform your showering experience.

Braided Steel Hoses/Valves: Most people may not be comfortable changing out the water valves on the house but installing new, 1/4 turn cut off valves throughout the house will save you a lot of money and trouble later. Over time, water valves wear out. If your toilet starts to leak and you need to turn off the water, it may not be possible. Taking the time before you move in will ensure you are prepared for an emergency. While you are at it, make sure all the water lines from the valve to the fixture are braided steel. These are way more reliable.

Caulk: Applying a fresh layer of caulk can prevent a lot of potential problems down the road and it can enhance the look of your bathroom or kitchen. Caulk is very easy to do and very inexpensive.

Seal Holes or Crevices: Animals were here before us and will be after us. That does not mean you have to offer them a place to live. Before you move in, take some time to look around house and attic and seal any holes or crevices that may invite critters into your home.

Just like the your own list for your home, this list is always changing. Please send us any ideas you may have to make this list better. Jacob@TexasDreamRealtors.com