Are Popcorn Ceilings a Deal Breaker? Don’t let popcorn ceilings ruin your home search.

are popcorn ceilings a deal breaker

What’s the big deal about popcorn ceilings?  Most comments I hear are:

  • “They’re dated.”
  • “They are hard to paint over.”
  • “They are dust catchers.”
  • “They are just plain ugly.”

Are popcorn ceilings a deal breaker to you?  Don’t let popcorn ceilings be a deal breaker in your next home search.  Instead of breaking the bank to try to remove popcorn ceilings, or crossing it off your list, here are a few ways to lessen their visual appearance.

#1.  Change the lighting.  Usually, people who hate their popcorn ceilings have lighting that shines upward toward the ceiling.  These are light fixtures that are flush mounted to the ceiling and cast a lot of shadows.  A better option is to change your fixtures to directional fixtures that point down instead of out.

#2.  Choose bulbs that cast a softer light or use table lamps or sconces that give a more dramatic effect to the eye.

#3.  Paint.  We’ve all seen stains and dirt on ceilings and popcorn ceilings do not hide it well.  The only way to lessen the effect of popcorn ceilings is a fresh coat of white paint.  (Of course, you will want to address why the stain was there in the first place too).  Some people ask if it is ok to paint a different color other than white.  My answer is no, however, I’m sure after you get over the initial shock painting a different color, it will be just fine.

#4.  Stop looking at them!  More often than not, you do not remember the ceilings of the last few homes you were in.  Most people only remember dirty or stained ceilings, so if you take the right steps, your ceilings are a non-issue.  Make an effort to point attention to furnishings and other exciting things in your home than your ceilings.


2014 Texas Home Trends: What’s in and What’s Out?

2014 Texas Home Trends: What's In and What's Out?

While retail designers already know what color your bathing suit will be next summer, designer forecasters have already determined how you will be decorating your home.  Here is what the 2014 home trends will be for next year’s buyers and sellers.

The housing crisis, ongoing war, and lack of economic confidence affects our national mood and, therefore, translates into our style and trends.  The 2014 Texas home trends are shifting.  Our color tastes for the past few years have been every shade of neutral; safe, easy, and traditional.  For big-ticket items, neutral seems like a good idea.  However, now that the Texas real estate market has spiked again, pops of color are making their way back on the scene.  Spice cabinet colors like cinnamon and mocha are trending along with eco-conscious colors like green and a wide range of gray; especially in Texas markets.

But ,what about our obsession with granite countertops?  With a strong demand and falling prices of granite, I don’t see a change in countertop choices for some time.  However, there are some really great alternatives such as marble, wood, concrete, and tile that have gained popularity moving into 2014.

And what about the good ‘ole, gotta have stainless steel appliances?  I don’t know about you, but no matter what finish I get, it still shows finger prints.  After 15 years of stainless appliances, manufacturers are moving on to new finishes.  Check out the Whirlpool’s newest refrigerator addition.  Yep, it’s just like the refrigerator you got rid of 5 years ago…white.  And GE is now pushing their new line of metallic finishes.

My prediction for the upcoming 2014 Texas home trends is that despite the brighter more cheerful trends, buyers and sellers will still be privy to the good ole faithful of safe, easy, and neutral.