Fun facts you should know about San Antonio, TX.

Fun facts about San Antonio Texas real estate

Fun Facts you should know about San Antonio, TX.

1.  The average household income in SA is estimated to be $61,635 and the median age is 34yrs.
2.  The majority of homes sold in December 2011 according to the A&M Real Estate Center were in the$120,000 to $139,000 price range.
3.  According to SABOR, in September 2012 the AVERAGE price for a single family home was $191,500.  The MEDIAN price was $152,000.
4.  SA hosts 14 Colleges and Universities, education more than 120,000 higher education students annually.
5.  SA is the 7th largest city in the US and 2nd largest city in Texas.
6.  The SA and surrounding Bexar Count area’s public school system is comprised of 17 independent school districts with a total of 453 schools.
7.  SA has 4 military bases that together employ 89,864 people.
8.  SA’s plan to lead “a new green economy” is Mission Verde – an initiative that brings unique and innovative approaches to green infrastructure, green retrofitting, green jobs, programs, and green venture capital.
9.  As of May 2012, the 3rd largest Corporate Headquarters employer in SA and behind USAA and H-E-B is Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.
10.  The largest regional Healthcare employer in SA is Methodist Healthcare System.
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Live, Work, Play

San Antonio Real Estate

Live. Work. Play.

That is the latest philosophy of the San Antonio River Walk expansion that is aggressively under construction.  San Antonio’s multi-year, $279 million River Walk development project finishes in 2014 and extends the River Walk from two to 13 miles, to the city’s Mission district. It is the nation’s largest ecosystem restoration in an urban area.  It will include approximately 7500 new housing units, a street car going north/south and east/west allowing for attractive public transit, and hike and bike trails that follow along the river.

The city planners have mapped out four distinctive reaches: The Museum Reach, a four-mile segment of the river from Hildebrand Avenue south to Lexington Avenue; the Downtown Reach, a segment of the original River Walk from Lexington Avenue to Houston Street; the Eagleland, a one-mile segment from South Alamo to Lonestar Boulevard; and the Mission Reach, a eight-mile section of the river extending from Lonestar Boulevard south to Loop 410 South.

Each of these segments accommodates every aspect of the “Live. Work. Play.” lifestyle that make downtown living desirable.  From hike and bike trails to retail stores and local restaurants, the San Antonio downtown district is proving to be a popular place to live.  These recreational improvements will enhance economic development potential and real estate values. The project is expected to stimulate new development and rejuvenate existing properties along the river and will reinforce a sense of community in both areas. This development will encourage job growth and an increased tax base for the city, the county and area schools.

San Antonio Real Estate Tax News

San Antonio Real Estate Tax News
San Antonio Real Estate Tax News

The State of Texas provides several different exemptions individuals and families can use to reduce their property tax burden. Texas Dream Realtors provides agents with expertise in securing all of our customers the maximum amount of exemptions based upon their qualifications. The Bexar County Tax Assessor website can be used to determine a customers eligibility for these programs. The state provides exemptions for homeowners using their property as a primary residence, homeowners with disabilities, and homeowners of 65 years old.

Texas Disability Tax Exemption

If you answer yes to the following questions you may qualify for a significant discount on your homeowners taxes.

Disability Exemption

  • Have you been declared 100% disabled and unable to work by Social Security?
  • Did you retire with 100% disability and were declared unemployable by your employer and/or your doctor?
  • Are you legally blind, unable to work, and at least 55 years of age?
  • Are you receiving SSI benefits due to being totally blind?
  • Do you own and occupy your home?

Homestead Exemption

  • Were you a resident of Texas as of January 1st?
  • Did you own and occupy a home on January 1st?

If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you may qualify for up to $15,000 in exemptions on your school taxes.

Over 65 Exemption

If you are over 65 or are turning 65 in during the current tax year you may qualify for an age exemption on your property taxes. As long as you use the home as your primary residence you should qualify.

San Antonio Real Estate Tax News

Give one of our agents a call at 210-888-9080 and let us take care of negotiating your exemptions with the county. We have experience providing the state the information they need to secure a tax exemption for our clients. This is on of the many services we offer that go’s far beyond our customers expectations.


San Antonio Real Estate Experts

San Antonio Real Estate
San Antonio Real Estate

Let’s face it, property information is available with a click of a button. Need to know the square footage, list price, age, taxes, name of the owner, or the dog’s name? Just go to one of the gazillion websites and find what you want to know without ever picking up the phone and speaking to an agent. Buyers and Sellers are becoming more and more educated and, in turn, more savvy when it comes to real estate transactions.

I know a lot of Realtors who complain about this issue because they are not able to justify to their prospective clients why using a Realtor is necessary, if not imperative, to buying or selling a home.

The truth is folks, having the stats on a home is not what makes the wheel turn. However, having the specifics on how to crank the engine and get the home sold is what Realtors do….it’s what Texas Dream Realtors do.  When you hire a Dream Realtor, you are hiring a team of professionals that work with your best interest in mind.

Next time you are stopped at a for sale sign and are looking up the QR code for the details of the property, think to yourself, “Do I just want the stats or should I be speaking to a community expert on the propertyy I am potentially making the biggest investment of my life on?”

If you looking for a San Antonio Real Estate expert give Texas Dream Realtors a call at 210-888-9080 and when can show you the difference.

San Antonio Real Estate Experts