Live, Work, Play

San Antonio Real Estate

Live. Work. Play.

That is the latest philosophy of the San Antonio River Walk expansion that is aggressively under construction.  San Antonio’s multi-year, $279 million River Walk development project finishes in 2014 and extends the River Walk from two to 13 miles, to the city’s Mission district. It is the nation’s largest ecosystem restoration in an urban area.  It will include approximately 7500 new housing units, a street car going north/south and east/west allowing for attractive public transit, and hike and bike trails that follow along the river.

The city planners have mapped out four distinctive reaches: The Museum Reach, a four-mile segment of the river from Hildebrand Avenue south to Lexington Avenue; the Downtown Reach, a segment of the original River Walk from Lexington Avenue to Houston Street; the Eagleland, a one-mile segment from South Alamo to Lonestar Boulevard; and the Mission Reach, a eight-mile section of the river extending from Lonestar Boulevard south to Loop 410 South.

Each of these segments accommodates every aspect of the “Live. Work. Play.” lifestyle that make downtown living desirable.  From hike and bike trails to retail stores and local restaurants, the San Antonio downtown district is proving to be a popular place to live.  These recreational improvements will enhance economic development potential and real estate values. The project is expected to stimulate new development and rejuvenate existing properties along the river and will reinforce a sense of community in both areas. This development will encourage job growth and an increased tax base for the city, the county and area schools.